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Halloween Sensory Activity Round-up

We wanted to share some of the lovely sensory activities for Halloween that we have come across recently…

Pumpkin carving is a great sensory activity – but remember you can try other vegetables as well. It is hard work turning the traditional Scottish turnip (a swede in England) into a lantern – but you will fill the air with a lovely turnip-y smell if you give it a go.

Gather together a variety of squash for tactile exploration. Or try some mini pepper jack o’lanterns for snack time!

For some Halloween baking try a pumpkin pie – the smell is heavenly! A slight cheat is to use pumpkin puree from a tin – Libby’s Pure Pumpkin comes with a simple recipe on the label.

Or bake some spider bread – this recipe from is quite easy because it uses ready-made pizza dough.

Bread baked in the shape of a spider with a tomato dip in the middle and olives for eyes.

If you prefer your recipes to be purely sensory you could make some special goop or slime for Halloween. There are lots of instructions online – or for a good range of ready-made slimes try

Jar of slime labelled Fizzy Frogs Sensory Putty

Handprints are always fun – here are some excellent ideas for Halloween handprints from

And this idea for spider painting looks a lot of fun – go to for instructions. (Once you have baked your spider bread and made your spider pictures you could sing a spider song – try There’s a Spider on the Floor from the Scottish Book Trust song library.)

Splattery picture made by dipping small spider toys in paint and printing with them.

We found this idea for hanging Halloween decorations at Instructions are in German – but it looks quite straightforward (with the help of google translate). Possibly a little tricky for children to do themselves but a great way to decorate a room for Halloween.

Halloween lantern decorations made by painting round paper lampshades. Several glowing lanterns hanging inside.

Happy Halloween to one and all!

A friendly-looking pumpkin lantern on a fence.