Publishing inclusive books and stories

At My Kind of Book we are proud to have begun producing our own inclusive books and sensory stories. These have been carefully designed with children with additional needs in mind. Many of our sensory stories are available as free downloads on our website.

Front cover of Stone Soup with illustration of a bowl of soup and spoon

Stone Soup

Stone Soup is adapted from the traditional folk tale of the same name and is illustrated by the wonderful Kate Leiper. It is designed to be shared with children with additional needs and contains lots of repetition, short and uncomplicated text and clear illustrations. Most importantly it contains instructions for simple props and actions so that the tale can easily be told as a sensory story.

For info about how you can get a copy of Stone Soup please get in touch.

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Huge thanks to our funders Wigtown Book Festival, New Park Educational Trust and the John Watson’s Trust who have made it possible for us to print and distribute this book.

Pine Cones & Thistledown

This booklet contains an intriguing selection of traditional stories and rhymes with beautiful illustrations by Kate Leiper. Designed for use in classrooms and nurseries (or at home) the short story scripts are perfect to tell just before or just after you have gone outside – or better yet, tell the stories and recite the rhymes in the garden, the park or the woods! Each script comes with suggestions for actions and props to use while telling the story, making them perfect to share with children and young people with additional needs.

For info about how you can get a copy of Pine Cones & Thistledown please get in touch.

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Publication has been made possible by the generous support of the Wigtown Book Festival, Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust and Spifox. Original research was carried out with the help of an Andy Hunter Bursary.