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A Sensory Story for World Book Day

World Book Day is on the 4th of March this year. A perfect day for a sensory story with lots of books in it! I wrote this story for the Wigtown Book Festival and imagined it happening in one of the lovely wee bookshops in Wigtown, but feel free to set your version of the […]

A Pancake Day Sensory Story

This time I have a script for you rather than a book recommendation. This script is for an easy-to-tell sensory story for pancake day. It’s based on the folktale The Little Red Hen. When telling the story it can be fun to use the names of children or adults who are present for the different […]

Chinese New Year

The Runaway Wok by Ying Chang Compestine and SebastiĆ  Serra is a fun lively tale for Chinese New Year. It’s published by Dutton Books and is also available as an e-book. It makes an excellent Chinese New Year sensory story for children with complex additional needs. The text is slightly complicated – however the story […]

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