What we do

We create and recommend inclusive books and sensory stories (have a look at our bookshop). We also love to visit schools, care settings, libraries and book festivals with our sensory story sessions, and offer training in creating sensory stories and accessible books.

Research is at the heart of what we do; we are keen to learn as much as possible about what makes books fun and engaging for children with additional needs.

Young boy lying still, as if sleeping, on a bean bag with elderly man reading to him

Publishing books & stories

Our first books, Stone Soup and Pine Cones & Thistledown are carefully designed for children with additional needs.

Publishing >

Front covers of Stone Soup (a folktale to tell using everyday objects) and Pine Cones & Thistledown stories.

Research into inclusive books

Research about what makes books and stories fun, engaging and meaningful for children with additional needs.

Research >

Young boy reading with crown on his head

Sensory storytelling sessions

For special schools, nurseries, care settings and festivals, with lots of participation.

Storytelling >

Storytelling props - puppets, brushes, bags and baskets

Training for staff & creatives

We are always delighted to pass on our skills and experience in sensory storytelling and creating inclusive books.

Training >

Training props - bright coloured netting and maracas, pine cones and fans.