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Stone Soup

We are so delighted to be distributing our first inclusive book for children with additional needs to special schools and families. Stone Soup is adapted from the traditional folk tale of the same name and is illustrated by the wonderful Kate Leiper. (Find out more about Kate’s work here.) Huge thanks to our funders  Wigtown Book Festival, New Park Educational Trust and the John Watson’s Trust who have made this possible. The feedback from children, parents and teachers has been wonderful!

The book contains lots of repetition, simple text and uncluttered illustrations.

It also contains actions:

Inside spread from My Kind of Book showing illustration on right hand side of an old-fashioned wooden blue door in the stone wall of a cottage. Text on the right hand page reads: 'He knocked at the door.' Instructions underneath say: 'Knock on the picture of the door.'

And props:

Inside spread from Stone Soup picture book. Illustration on right hand side showing a bubbling soup pan on an Aga type of stove. Text on left hand side reads: 'And the pot steamed and bubbled and popped.' Instructions underneath read: 'Rattle the pot lid.'

There is a ‘recipe list’ of the objects you will need…

Excerpt from inside page from Stone Soup picture book showing the list of props that are needed for the story (stone, pot etc.) and a small image of a cooking pot.

And they are all ordinary household objects or things you can pick up at the supermarket:

For information on how you can get a copy of Stone Soup please get in touch.