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My Top Five Sensory Props for Autumn

Another list of my favourites for you – and hurray for autumn – the sensory season! Autumn provides us with so many sensory props: conkers, leaves, blackberries, apples…but here are a few others to add to the mix:

1) ‘Crinkle’ fabric in a bag

We definitely need to hear the scrunch of leaves in Autumn – recreate this in your classroom by putting some crinkle fabric into a little drawstring bag.

A roll of 'Crinkle' fabric

Follow the link in the photo – or a cheaper alternative would be to collect old unwanted baby toys that have a ‘crinkle’ feature and cut the crinkle fabric out of them.

If you give every pupil in your class a small piece of crinkle fabric in little bag then everyone can join in with the crunching! Simply hold the bag in your hand and squish and squeeze. Small fabric drawstring bags can be purchased quite cheaply online. (Try looking for wedding favour bags.) Jute ones like these have a nice texture:

A set of small brown jute drawstring bags.

2) A gentle brush for leaf sweeping

If you are re-creating some leaf sweeping in your classroom then I recommend this brush:

A hand brush with soft bristles.

It is beautifully soft and creates a lovely feeling if you are ‘sweeping’ on the back of a child’s hand. It is a wee bit pricey but will make a lovely sensory addition to your classroom.

3) A Squishy Mushroom!

Autumn is mushroom time! I love this mushroom toy because it is so soft and squeezy!

A squishy toy mushroom.

4) Swallows chattering

Swallows chattering as they gather to leave for Africa are one of the sounds that mark the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. There are some nice videos of swallows gathering to migrate on YouTube. This swallow toy makes the noise of a swallow when squeezed:

A swallow (bird) soft toy.

5) Squirrel tails!

This is the time of year to see squirrels busy in the garden, parks and woods. A woolly duster makes a great squirrel tail!

A soft wool duster with a wooden handle.

Remember – not all of my props recommendations are toys! The props I suggest should not be used by children unsupervised.