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My Top Five Props for Seaside Sensory Stories

Here are some fun props to add to your seaside stories along with the buckets and spades, shells and sun lotion! These props would be useful for many sensory stories set at the beach.

1) Seagull

A seagull that makes a seagull noise! How lovely!

Seagull soft toy that makes a seagull noise when squeezed.

2) Spaghetti seaweed

Why not try dying some spaghetti or tagliatelle with green food colouring to create seaweed. (There are lots of instructions for how to dye spaghetti online.)

Tagliatelle pasta that has been dyed green.

3) Lobster Claw Oven Mitts

Turn yourself into a huge lobster with these fun mitts!

Oven mitts in the shape of lobster claws.

4) Handwarmers re-create the heat of the sun

I use the disposable kind of handwarmers – they are a little wasteful but very easy to use. I simply pop them into a little drawstring bag and knot the bag up tight and then tell the children to ‘feel the sunshine’. You can find handwarmers like these all year round online, or stock up from outdoor/sports shops in the winter.

Packet of disposable hand warmers.

5) A stretchy octopus

Nice and tactile! Jellyfish are also available in the same range.

Stretchy octopus toy and image of girl playing with the octopus toy.

Remember – not all of my props recommendations are toys! The props I suggest should not be used by children unsupervised.