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Stories to read on Father’s Day

Something old and something new for Father’s Day! Both these books contain lovely depictions of kind and patient fathers or male role models.

My first suggestion is the classic Peace At Last by Jill Murphy. Forty years old but still as funny as ever!

Cover of the picture book Peace at Last with image of Mr and Mrs Bear in bed together.

We can all identify with this long-suffering Papa, and the book has a really simple text and lots of great noises. Buy it here. And find some hints and tips for turning it into a sensory story here.

A more recent book which features a very nice Dad (or step dad or uncle…) is Hike by Pete Oswald. This story is nearly wordless, an intriguing and calm depiction of a father and son going on a mountain adventure together.

The cover of the picture book Hike showing a father and son climbing up the side of a mountain. The mountain is made of the word 'Hike'.

This lovely book which will appeal to older children as well and is suitable for pre-readers. Buy it from our shop here.