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My Top Five Sensory Props for Springtime

After a long gap I’m back with my top five list of sensory props for Springtime. Natural objects such as flowers, buds and leaves are great to use in Springtime sensory stories…but here are a few other things to try:

  1. Sheep (or lamb) noise-makers. There are a few different versions of this type of noise-maker which makes a ‘baa’ when it is turned over. I particularly like this one as it looks appropriate for a variety of ages.
Five sheep noise-maker toys - small cylinders that 'baa' when turned over.

2. These stretchy ‘noodles’ are great for conveying the idea of growth. Thread one end through the hole in the bottom of a plant pot, hold it firmly and then either pull the other end yourself (to make the plant ‘grow and grow’) or encourage the person you are playing/reading with to pull the other end. The green ones are best of course but unfortunately I haven’t found any shops that let you choose a particular colour.

Six stretchy noodle toys of various colours.

3. Children love a surprise so why not hide a toy bird or some toy eggs in a woven nest box like this one – great for encouraging tactile exploration!

Woven bird nesting box hanging amongst leaves.

4. Seed packets make an interesting noise when you shake them – especially large seeds like beans.

A display of brightly coloured seed packets.

Or if you’re worried about the packets getting ripped you could put seeds into tins – the kind with clear lids could be interesting visually. (Put a little tape around the lid so it can’t come off.)

Small tin with clear lid.

5. Pass out these farmyard buzzers and add a little bit of chaotic fun to any farmyard story or activity!

Four buzzers each with a picture of an animal - the buzzers make the corresponding animal noises.

Lastly I can’t really add these to my list as I have never actually used them myself but I think that boba bubble tea bubbles might make an excellent substitute for frogspawn in a springtime story! (Possibly kept inside a zip lock bag if there were any worries about people choking.)

A tub of black boba bubbles for bubble tea.

Happy springtime and happy storytelling!

Remember – not all of my props recommendations are toys! The props I suggest should not be used by children unsupervised.