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A Sensory Poem for National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is coming up on the 7th October. Why not mark the occasion by taking a few minutes to read some poetry aloud in your classroom, letting everyone enjoy the sensory language? Look for poems with a strong rhythm and try clapping or stamping out the beat. Or you could try these sensory […]

My Top Five Sensory Props for Autumn

Another list of my favourites for you – and hurray for autumn – the sensory season! Autumn provides us with so many sensory props: conkers, seed heads, leaves, berries, apples…but here are a few others to add to the mix: 1) ‘Crinkle’ fabric in a bag We definitely need to hear the scrunch of leaves […]

My Top Five Props for Seaside Sensory Stories

Here are some fun props to add to your seaside stories along with the buckets and spades, shells and sun lotion! These props would be useful for many sensory stories set at the beach. 1) Seagull A seagull that makes a seagull noise! How lovely! 2) Spaghetti seaweed Why not try dying some spaghetti or […]

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